The 6 Best Pool Deck Paint – Concrete, Wood Pool Reviews 2020

When it comes to your swimming pool, it is important that your pool is always clean, but it is also important that the decking surrounding it is just as pristine.

With the best pool deck paints, you can give your decking a complete makeover and dramatically enhance the appearance of your pool.


Pool deck paint not only makes the pool look more inviting, there are plenty of other advantages to it too such as, it is low maintenance and easy to clean, it is very durable, and it can reduce the temperature of the ground making it possible to walk on barefoot and to sit on.

6 Best Pool Deck Paint 2020 Reviews

1. RUST-OLEUM 260542 Pool Paint


  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Manufacturer: RUST-OLEUM
  • Model Number: 260542
RUST-OLEUM 260542 Pool Paint

The main thing that you will first notice about this pool deck paint is the color. It is a blue paint and its appealing color immediately makes the pool more tempting and inviting.

This is an acrylic pool deck paint that is used on concrete surfaces and is very easy to clean and maintain with some soap and water because of its water based formula. This paint is very durable and protective especially if you add a second coat.

A fantastic pool deck paint that is not only durable, tough and easy to clean and maintain but the color, once applied, will give your pool a whole different look and make it more tempting than ever.

2. Cool Decking Pool Deck Paint - Coating for Concrete and Decks


  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Encore
  • Model Number: ECC-1
Cool Decking Pool Deck Paint - Coating for Concrete and Decks

This very popular and recommended 100% water based pool deck paint is used in many water theme parks and meets with the safety requirements for non-slip surfaces.

This pool deck paint is in demand due to the fact that it absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to the soil which in effect, makes the ground a lot cooler and more bearable to walk on barefoot and to sit on by the pool.

The ground temperature has been recorded to drop by 38 degrees using this paint. A highly recommended pool deck paint that not only protects once applied but can also repair and fill any cracks that the decking has beforehand.

3. Olympic Patio Tones Deck Coatings Sand Valley


  • Dimensions: 14.49 x 4.02 x 14.49 inches
  • Weight: 7.01 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Kelley Technical
  • Covers 80 to 120 sq. ft. per gallon.
Olympic Patio Tones Deck Coatings Sand Valley

This acrylic pool deck paint will not only give your whole pool area a fresh and updated look but is also slip resistant.

This pool deck paint is very easy to mix and apply and at the same time, will hide any cracks and damages on the concrete once it has been applied. Two coats are recommended for durability and there will be no peeling or flaking.

A great pool deck paint that will not only make your pool look new and inviting but has the extra benefit of being slip resistant which is ideal, especially if you have children. One of the best wood pool deck paints on the market.

4. DECK-O-SEAL Deck O Seal Tan 4701033


  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 96 oz kit.
  • Manufacturer: Deck O Seal Tan
  • Model Number: 4701033
DECK-O-SEAL Deck O Seal Tan 4701033

This highly resilient pool deck paint comes with a stirring paddle, base material can, applicator, and setting agent. This paint is known for being very resilient against extreme weather conditions, chemicals and the everyday general wear and tear.

It is a sealant that does not stain and can help to repair small cracks and damages to the concrete once its applied and can last up to 2 years without you having to refresh it.

A fabulous and resilient pool deck paint that does exactly what it says on the tin and is guaranteed to protect your decking no matter what the conditions, at the same time as giving your pool a professional and fresh new look.

5. Olympic Patio Tones Deck Coating - Desert Sun


  • Dimensions: 6.26 x 9.02 x 9.02 inches
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Kelley Technical
  • No Need To Mix
Olympic Patio Tones Deck Coating - Desert Sun

This is an acrylic pool deck paint with a Desert Sun color that will make an immediate difference to your pool.

As well as the appealing color of this deck paint, it will also reduce the ground temperature, making it possible for you to walk on barefoot and to sit on.

The pool deck paint is textured for slip resistance, so you have the added comfort knowing it is safe to walk on when wet.

A popular pool deck paint that is not only safe, sturdy and durable but its attractive color will make your pool more captivating and tempting than before. Personally I prefer this one as best concrete pool deck paint.

6. Anvil Deck-A-New Rejuvenates Wood & Concrete Decks Premium Textured Resufacer


  • Rejuvenate Your Deck
  • Material: Acrylic based
  • Manufacturer: 956201-2
  • Model Number: 99996403-PC
Anvil Deck-A-New Rejuvenates Wood & Concrete Decks Premium Textured Resufacer

This pool deck paint is 100% acrylic which ensures durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, chemical, cracking, peeling and chipping. 

It is an easy to apply pool deck paint and once applied, it will restore the old wood and concrete and will immediately change and enhance the whole appearance of your pool.

This paint is also known to lower the temperature of the ground and is very easy to maintain and keep clean. A very recommended and popular pool deck paint that will give your pool a much fresher look at the same time as repairing and protecting it.

What to Look for Before Choosing Pool Deck Paint Colors

With so many pool deck paints available on the market, it can be difficult knowing which brand to choose, which color to choose and what exactly you should look for before purchasing one, especially if you are a first-time pool owner and are not too familiar with the products available for your pool and the surrounding areas.

It is very important when choosing a paint to ensure that it is a paint specifically for pool decks, whether that is concrete or wood.

It is better to buy a specific kind of paint rather than a general exterior paint. There are 3 types of paint, Epoxy pool deck paint, Acrylic pool deck paint and Water Based Acrylic pool deck paint. 

Both the acrylic and water-based acrylic comply with the regulations, can be used on concrete and they replace rubber-based paints. They have around a 4 year life expectancy. Epoxy paint is solvent based and can be used on concrete, plaster and fiberglass.

A paint specifically for decking will also be a lot easier to clean and can be maintained with just some soap and water. Epoxy paint has an 8 year life expectancy

A paint that has UV stabilizers is also an advantage in order to prevent the paint from getting too hot in the sun. This is beneficial because not only will it last longer and not get damaged with the sun so quickly, but it also makes it possible for you, children, guests etc. to walk around barefoot without burning your feet and to sit on the side of the pool without burning yourselves.

It is important to have a pool deck paint that is durable and resilient. This means that it won’t be affected too soon by bad weather conditions or chemicals from the pool and is sturdy and tough enough to resist all this without any damages or having to refresh it for 2 years.

A good paint will also seal and cover any small cracks that may already be in the concrete or wood.

Finally, you will have to choose the color. A small detail such as color can make such a huge difference to the appearance of the pool and whole garden area.

If the area surrounding the pool is old, cracked and damaged, that instantly makes the pool look less appealing, but a good, strong color will immediately revive the dated look making your pool look more inviting than ever.

How to Paint the Pool Deck

Painting your pool deck is a very simple process that isn’t too time consuming or laborious but before you do begin to paint, check the weather conditions for the following few days as you do not want to start it and have it destroyed with bad weather, meaning you will have to start again.

It will take around three days as you have to apply two coats of paint but wait 24 hours in between and then wait another 24 hours after the second coat before you can add the sealer.

The preparation before you start painting your pool deck is one of the most important and vital things you need to do first.

You need to ensure that the area and deck is clean from all dirt, debris and leaves. It is advisable to use a pressure washer to do this chore and to make sure that it is completely clean. However, be careful not to get dirt in the pool when you are using the pressure washing.

If the decking needs more than just the pressure washer and needs to be de-greased, you will need to mix some TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) with some hot water and use a brush to help remove harder oils and dirts that weren’t removed with the pressure washer.

Once the deck is clear and before you start painting it, if there are any larger holes in the concrete that cannot be painted over and sealed with the pool deck paint, use filler to fill them out to give it a much nicer, finished appearance once it has been painted over.

For the actual painting, you must use a roller. Rollers do come in different sizes so it is just dependent on the size of your deck, but you will get shown all the different sizes available for you. Begin from the outside working your way in and making sure you finish somewhere where you have room to move without treading on the paint.

Take your roller and roll the paint on the pool deck in smooth, even strokes. Try and take care to keep an even amount of pressure throughout so that an even amount of paint is rolled on even where the roller overlaps until you have completed the decking.

Once you have applied the first coat, wait 24 hours before applying the second coat. A second coat is always recommended as it will enhance the durability and life expectancy of the paint.

After 24 hours, once you have applied the second coat, leave it to try again for another 24 hours before applying two coats of sealer.

Final Note

People are aware of the importance of having a pool deck in the sense that it is pleasing to the eye and makes the pool look appealing, but a lot of people do not realize the many added benefits that pool deck paint does bring.

Such as, reducing the temperature of the ground, being slip resistant resulting in less accidents, the easy and effortless maintenance of it and the actual resilience of it. If you choose the best pool deck paint most suited for your decking, you will be guaranteed at least 2-3 years without having to worry about updating or renewing your decking.

  • June 16, 2020
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