The 7 Best Solar Pool Cover On The Market – Reviews 2020

Having a pool is a big privilege that not everyone has, but you are only able to take advantage of this during the hot summer months. However, by using one of the best solar pool covers, not only can you extend your swimming months, but they also bring a numerous amount of other benefits and advantages which a lot of people are unaware of unless they actually invest in one.

Best Solar Pool Cover

Not only do they save you money with regards to pool heating, but you also save money on chemicals, cleaning and the general maintenance.

Top Picks Of 7 Best Solar Pool Cover 2020 Review

1. Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover


  • Attractive Blue Design
  • Minimize Water Evaporation
  • Jump Into Warmth
  • Heat Retention
Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

This solar pool cover is made from thousands of tiny bubbles and actually resembles large bubble wrap. The bubbles on the cover work to retain the pool heat, meaning you can now use your pool on days when you wouldn’t have even considered it before.

This pool cover has great durability with some people still using it after 2 years and it is light enough and easy enough to put on and off on your own without needing an extra person.

The size is 16’ X 32’ but can be easily trimmed or cut according to the desired size.This is a brilliant solar pool cover that retains the heat, keeps your pool cleaner, is very durable and light enough for one person to deal with. The blue color is also very appealing and makes the pool look even more inviting than normal.

2. Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Heating Blanket Solar Cover


  • Attractive Blue Design
  • Minimize Water Evaporation
  • Trim To Fit
  • Jump Into Warmth
Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Heating Blanket Solar Cover

This solar pool cover may not seem as thick as other ones, but this makes it a lot more flexible yet just as sturdy and durable as others. In bad weather conditions, some pool covers can blow away in the wind, but this cover wont due to the sturdiness of it.

Due to its’ flexibility, this solar pool cover is very light and manageable for one person to put on and off and can give anything from 5-10 degrees increase in the temperature of the water.

It works very quickly and can make a noticeable difference to the pool temperature in just a day and you will be able to use it on a day when you normally wouldn’t have considered swimming. 

This cover can be used for up to 3 years without having to invest in a new one. A fantastic solar pool cover that works effectively and definitely meets the expectations and does what it claims to do.

3. Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools


  • Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 18.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Model Number: 29023E
Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

This solar pool cover fits a 15ft round pool just inside the edge of it. You can pierce holes in it if you prefer to tie it to the edge of your pool to keep it in place.

Due the pool covers’ tough PVC plastic, not only is it ideal and effective for retaining the heat. It works very effectively keeping out all the dirt, leaves and debris which saves you the job of having to clean the pool on a daily basis.

This also makes it very durable and can be used for at least 2-3 years without having to change it. An excellent solar pool cover that not only does a great job of keeping the pool warm for you but saves you a lot of time and hard work not having to clean it so often which gives you the opportunity to enjoy more swimming time. Also included with the pool cover is a bag for storage.

4. Sun2Solar 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Clear Solar Cover


  • Save On Heating Costs
  • Minimize Water Evaporation
  • Heat Retention
  • Trim To Fit
Sun2Solar 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Clear Solar Cover

This excellent quality solar pool cover not only does what it claims to and retains the heat but even though it is quite a thick cover, it is very easily manageable for just one person. Some people do find it easier to remove it or roll it when they are actually in the pool.

It is 16’ X 32’ but you can trim this to fit your pool. The fact that it is a clear cover means that the sun’s rays can penetrate deeper and some pool temperatures have increased by 10 degrees in the space of two days.

The added bonus to the clear cover is not only the extra heat retention but also its appealing look at night when the pool lights are on. This is an excellent choice of cover for your pool due to its density, stability, durability and the amazing results you get from all of these. This might be the best solar pool covers for above ground pools.

5. In The Swim 12 Mil 18 x 36 ft. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover


  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 22 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Midsol
  • Model Number: 1836D
In The Swim 12 Mil 18 x 36 ft. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover

This solar pool cover can be easily trimmed or cut to fit irregularly shaped pools, such as, kidney pools, oval pools etc. This cover is formulated from UV stabilized resin.

This cover is very sturdy, durable and reliable with no tearing or flaking and can be used for 2 years or more on a regular basis.

Due to its thickness and weight, it is perfect and effective for retaining the heat making it possible to use your pool more than usual.

Despite the fact that it is a thick cover, one person is able to take the cover on and off without needing extra help.

This is a fantastic solar pool cover that you can use and trim for your irregular shaped pools, is also a very sturdy cover and great for the heat retention, allowing you more time to enjoy your pool.

6. Harris 18 ft x 36 ft Rectangle Solar Cover - Clear - 16 Mil


  • Dimensions: 18 ft x 36 ft Rectangle 
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • warranty: 8 year warranty, 2 years full.
  • Model Number: H1836RTCC16
6. Harris 18 ft x 36 ft Rectangle Solar Cover - Clear - 16 Mil

This solar pool cover provides brilliant heat retention and has been recorded to increase the pool temperature by 15 degrees. This is a very thick pool cover yet easy and simple enough to remove on your own without additional help. 

Due to the thickness of it, it is easily maintained, and you don’t have to worry about any tearing or wearing away.

This has been used regularly for two years and is still in great working order and doesn’t have to be changed yet due to wear or tear.

The clear solar cover also allows the color of your pool to shine through making it more inviting and pleasing to the eye.

With its density, the fact that it works so effectively retaining heat and its easy to install and remove, this solar pool cover is the ideal option for those looking for fast and effective results with no struggles or extra maintenance.

7. Blue Wave 12 - 36 Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools


  • Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.19 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Blue Wave
  • Model Number: NS105
Blue Wave 12 - 36 Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools

This solar pool cover is known to have a dramatic effect on the pool temperature and has heated swimming pools up by up to 8 degrees in one day.

It is a thick and sturdy round cover that not only keeps the pool warm and retains the heat but does a great job of keeping the leaves and dirt away from the pool saving you time on having to clean.

It also does a good job of keeping the chemicals trapped which saves you money and time again having to re-fill.

Due to it being such a perfect fit and thick and durable, that makes it easy to retain the heat also at night which makes it perfect for your early morning warm swim and not having to worry about waiting for the sun to warm it up before you can have a swim.

Frequently Asked Questions On Solar Pool Heaters

Some people may be skeptical about how effective solar pool covers really are, but we are able to answer the important and most common questions that people have concerning them

What is the purpose of a solar pool cover?

The main purpose of the pool cover is to soak up the sun and retain the heat for you to extend your swimming hours and days. In general, people have to wait until mid-morning after the sun has been on it a while before they can use their pool but with a good pool cover.

You shouldn’t have to wait as it will retain the heat all night and you can use it in months that you may not have considered using it before. As well as this, it is also a great way to keep all the everyday dirt, debris and leaves out of your pool allowing you more time for swimming instead of cleaning.

Which way do the bubbles go on a solar pool cover?

The bubbles on a solar pool cover must always face downwards. This is a very common question and can affect the whole temperature of your pool. Throughout the day, the sun will warm the bubbles up and the purpose of them facing downwards is to absorb the heat but not allowing the heat it has caught to escape.

The heat gets trapped within these bubbles which is how it is retained and transferred to the water. The sun could only be on half the pool but eventually with the cover, the heat will reach the whole pool.

Do solar blankets really work?

Solar blankets do really work and their popularity over the last couple of years has increased dramatically with a lot of people choosing to invest in one and replace it eventually when it needs to be.

There have been a lot of comments and review from people on how effectively and quickly it will warm their pools, some stating that the temperature has increased by 8 degrees in the space of just one day which definitely saves them the extra electric cost of heating their pool.

Even if it did have to be replaced on a yearly basis, that is still more cost effective than pool heating.

How do you install a solar pool cover?

For the most effective results, the first thing is to ensure that it fits your properly in your pool to be able to lay flat. If it doesn’t fit your pool perfectly, you can trim it. Take care when you first trim it and leave it slightly longer as they are known to shrink slightly in the first couple of weeks of owning them.

You must then lay the cover on the water, bubble side down and leave it in the sun initially to give it time to smooth out. If you prefer, leaving the cover slightly longer and turning the edges up helps keep the dirt and leaves out of the pool.

How do I clean my solar pool cover?

It is very simple to clean the pool cover and a lot easier and takes less time than having to clean the actual pool. Firstly, use high pressure water to wash away the leaves and bigger things that may be on it.

Then, you need to take your telescopic pole and add a brush to it so you can reach if you clean it while it is still on the pool, alternatively a rag or soft brush if isn’t and use a solar pool cover clean and lightly scrub it to remove any algae. It is important to make sure that the blanket is always properly dry before you store it.

How To Pick The Best Solar Pool Cover?

Solar covers can be seen as expensive but in the long run, compared to what you save on pool heating costs, cleaning costs and time and effort, they are very cost effective if you buy the correct one.

Obviously, the thicker the pool cover is, the better it will work. The thickest available is a 16 Mil and will offer you the best heat retention. However, this does also depend on the size of your pool so if you do have a smaller pool, it wont matter to buy one that isn’t as thick and will still warm it for you. The thickness you buy only depends on how warm you want your pool to get and how quickly you would like this to take effect.

It is important to invest in a solar cover that has bubbles on it as it is the main job of these bubbles to retain the heat so other ones without it may not be as effective as you like. As well as retaining heat, the bubbles prevent water evaporation.

You also need to find one that is either the size of your pool or one that can be easily cut and adapted to fit your pool. If It isn’t able to lay flat on the surface comfortably or is massively big, the chances are, it won’t do what it is supposed to do leaving you disappointed and disheartened that you have invested in something that isn’t working properly. 

Whether the cover is in-ground or above-ground also plays a role and makes a difference so do not purchase a cover until you know exactly which one is suitable for your pool.

Also, if it fits perfectly and how it should, it also prevents water evaporation and chemical loss due to this evaporation, so it is very important to have one that fits immediately or is easily amended.

Find a pool cover that is extra UV protected to save it from the damage of the intense sun rays. This will make it a lot more durable and could add even an extra year to you using it.

Obviously, as a pool cover is always exposed to the sun, you do need one that is extra protected and won’t suffer from it meaning it will also save you money as you won’t need to keep replacing it.

Care and Maintenance Tips of Solar Pool Covers

The main thing to remember in order to maintain a good pool cover and to make it more durable is to keep it out of the sun even when you have rolled it up. Put a cover on it so it won’t be as exposed and more protected.

It needs the sunlight to be able to work properly when the pool is covered and to keep it warm and heated for you but there is no need for it to be so exposed to the sun when you are not using it as this will reduce its life span. 

As much as a pool needs cleaning and chemicals, these chemicals can also be damaging to your solar pool cover. One of the jobs of the blanket is to prevent water and chemical evaporation so naturally it is exposed anyway but it is also worth cleaning it just with soap and water to take the extra chemicals and chlorine away from it to not reduce the life-span. 

Another job of the solar pool cover is to keep the dirt out of your pool which obviously means that the leaves, debris and dirt will collect on it. It is very easy to maintain your pool cover and extend the life-span if it is looked after regularly.

If you clean it frequently than the job will not take too long as it won’t be that dirty or grimy or need a lot of scrubbing and is much easier and takes half the time of having to clean the pool on a regular basis. 

Keeping the solar pool cover protected from the sun when you are not using it and washing any additional chemicals from it will guarantee you a more durable cover and will definitely extend the life span of it.

Final Note

Installing a solar pool cover is the cheapest and most economical option when both buying it and maintaining it. Putting in pool heating is not only more expensive but the maintenance and outgoings towards using it to heat the pool will cost you more financially. 

Buying a solar pool cover is not only a one-off payment, but it doesn’t cost anything to maintain it. With the right care and treatment, you can have free pool heating for up to two years and extra swimming days and months for no extra charge. I hope you can now invest in one after reading our solar pool cover review.

  • June 15, 2020
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