Everything You Need To Know About Above Ground Pools

So you’ve decided that you desperately need that swimming pool you have been dreaming about since you were little. A pool that’s all yours. No public pools filled with germs and pee for you anymore! But there is just one tiny bitty teeny tiny problem: you don’t have the space nor the budget for that pool!! But we have for you a simple logical solution! Buy yourself an above ground swimming pool!

Above ground swimming pools are exactly what the name indicates; pools, that are above the ground and not inbuilt into your concrete floor. There are many advantages to owning an above ground swimming pool. But with anything, there are always disadvantages against the advantages, and depending on your situation you can choose whether or not an above ground swimming pool is for you.

Advantages of above ground swimming pools:

  • You don’t need as much space as you do with in-ground pools
  • They are way cheaper than in-ground pools
  • They often cost less than in-ground pools to operate. Since they are smaller in size, you often need smaller pumps and fewer quantities of chemicals to keep your swimming pool maintained.
  • They are safer due to the smaller size. They are also much shallower than in-ground pools.
  • They are easy to install. You can install your own above ground swimming pool quite easily. Please refer to our article on how to install an above ground swimming pool for a step by step on how to install your bran new above ground swimming pool.
  • They are easier to empty or winterize. They are also easier to reopen!
  • They can be taken down for the winter!

And the best part? Sometimes in-ground pool owners are enticed into buying in-ground pools after they’ve tried out the above ground pools for a while and realized how much they enjoy a swim!

But with advantages, disadvantages can’t be far behind

Poor installation: although above ground swimming pools can be installed by the owners, most people prefer to have experts come in and set their pools up. This leads to the problem of poor installation. Installers are usually happy to install the pools properly for a little bit more money!

Poor quality walls or Pool liner: make sure you are not talked into buying a pool of lesser quality! Ask lots of questions and research the pool you are buying before you actually purchase the pool. If the liner quality is bad, it will tear more easily often tearing or scratching your above ground swimming pool walls.

Poor quality pools: make sure that you buy a good quality pool. One common problem with above ground swimming pools is that they don’t last as long as the sellers will have you believe. For this reason, it is worth to spend more as an initial investment and buy yourself a good more expensive pool. Cheaper pools often tear or have leaks and it will cost more to repair them over time rather than just buy a better pool.

The most common problem that above ground swimming pool owners face is that of mismatched pumps and filter accessories. Statistics have shown that nearly on all above ground pools, the filters are too small and the pumps too big. This will result in the debris and dirt going right through the filter and blowing back into the swimming pool. Depending on our pool type and size, you will need to consult an expert to decide which is the proper filter size is and pump horsepower for you.

Although the disadvantages seem to be written out in much more detail than the advantages, rest assured that there are many wonderful advantages to owning an above ground swimming pool. In most cases, these toy pools as they are sometimes called are even better than owning an in-ground pool. You must decide which type of swimming pool works for you depending on your personal situation.

  • Updated July 2, 2020
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