How To Change Your Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

Proper sanitation is needed in your swimming pool to prevent the spread of infectious disease and to maintain water clarity. Contaminants in your swimming pool come from both swimmers as well as environmental factors The first step towards the sanitation of your swimming pool is to install a proper pool filter, which removes these contaminants from the water.

There are three types of pool filters that you can choose for your swimming pool:

  1. Sand filters
  2. D.E filters
  3. Cartridge filters

Each of the three pool filters has its advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one that is best for you and your swimming pool. In this article, we will discuss how to replace your above ground pool cartridge filters.

Cartridge filters:

Cartridge filters give the best of both the sand filter and the DE filter. It offers the ease of the sand filter and combines it with the cleaning power of the DE. One could say it offers THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (FILTERS)! Pool cartridge filters have a giant paper like a round filter which is very easy to clean. You just need to take the pool cartridge out and hose it off. The pool cartridge, depending on the amount of usage will need to be changed every couple of years.

The best way to determine if your swimming pool filter is working properly is the quality of the water. If the water in your swimming pool looks grey or cloudy or has debris in it, it is an indicator that your filter cartridge needs to be replaced. 

Another way to determine the quality of your filter cartridge performance is to look at your above ground pool filter pressure indicator. The filter pressure indicator for your swimming pool is located on the outside of the filter housing.

Once dirt and debris starts to accumulate in your swimming pool filter cartridge, it becomes difficult for the pump to circulate water through the filter, so that less water is circulated through the swimming pool. Inevitably, this increases the pressure on your pump and at the same time decreases the quality of the water in your swimming pool.

When the PSI level of your filter cartridge rises 8 to 10 above the level of your cartridge when you first bought it, it is time to either clean or replace your swimming pool filter.

The one most important thing that should be recognized when changing your swimming pool filter cartridge is safety. This is especially true when your filter is fitted with a pressure clamp. There is a risk of the pressure clamp blowing up which may result not only in serious injuries, but also death. Hence it is VERY IMPORTANT to always consult the safety instructions before attempting to remove or clean your swimming pool filter.

It is very important to first turn of the electricity to your swimming pool and pump. Having turned off the electricity, open the pressure release. Once the hissing sound stops you are ready to move to step two. Once the pressure valve has been released, remove the retaining band and remove the lid off the filter. Removing the lid will expose the filter.

Removing the old cartridge, replace it with a new one. Once the filter is fitted properly in its housing, replace the lid and retaining band and close the pressure release value. You may now turn the electricity back on.

The whole process of changing your swimming pool filter cartridge should take no more than 15 minutes!!

The other 2 types of filters can be changed in the same way also.

  • Updated June 25, 2020
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