How To Maintain A Vinyl Swimming Pool – 3 Easy Ways


It is essential that you use the proper sanitizers to keep your pool water clean and disease free. The most obvious and commonly used sanitizer is chlorine. Chlorine kills the bacteria and algae in your swimming pool keeping the pool water disease and germs-free. The desired range of chlorine in your swimming pool water is between 1 and 2 parts per million.

Make sure you don’t exceed the desired level of chlorine or this could lead to irritation of the eyes! Other than adding chlorine every day, it is necessary to shockyour pool at least once a month. Shocking your pool simply means adding an excess of chlorine to your pool to deep clean out all the germs in your pool

Balancing your pool water

All the chemicals in your swimming pool should be within the desired ranges so that your water is fit for swimming.

Refer to our article on water chemistry for comfortable human biology to learn more about the desired ranges of chemicals in your pool. The main chemical level that you should be focused on is the pool water pH level. The pH level controls all the other chemicals and keeps them in check. When other chemicals such as alkalinity pr calcium levels deviate from the desired ranges, the pH of the water is affected and more often than not, the water is unfit for swimming.

When chemicals aren’t in the desired ranges in your pool, the water can be harmful to both the pool and to swimmers. If the chemicals aren’t in the desired ranges, then the water cannot be completely disease free and clean. Hence you must buy the proper increasers and decreasers for your pool. There are a variety of balancers that you can choose from depending on the type of problem you are facing.

If the chemicals aren’t in the proper ranges, they can harm your swimming pool. Once your pool has been harmed, it will be very difficult to rectify the damage. Hence, it is best that the problem be solved before it becomes a big disaster.

If the calcium hardness and alkalinity of your swimming pool water isn’t in the desired ranges, there is risk of staining. Once your pool has been stained, it can result into the black plague, and these problems once they get out of hand are very difficult to solve

Water Clarifiers

Remember to always use algaecides to keep your water blue and not green! Please refer to our article How soon can I swim after the initial treatment of pool magic phosfree for more information on algaecides.

  • Updated June 25, 2020
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