How To Replace An Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

It is a good idea to replace your above ground swimming pool liner at the beginning of each swimming season. But even throughout the year, it is important to check for holes or tears in your above ground swimming pool liner. Identifying a small hole early on allows you to patch up the above ground swimming pool liner, rather than having to replace it. 

An above ground pool liner is simply a large bag made of vinyl that holds water within the pool’s frame. It is the most important part of your above ground swimming pool, and also the part that needs the most care.

Check for holes and tears especially near the cove of your above ground pool. The cove is the mound of sand inside the metal wall along the sides of the above ground pool. Since the wall of the above ground pool meets the floor at the cove, holes and tear’s can appear here.

A solid liner is critical to your above the ground pool and hence must be changed every year.

Step one: drain your above ground pool The first step in changing your above ground pool liner is to drain the pool. This can be done in various different ways depending on the model of your above ground pool. Using a pool vacuum, drain your above ground pool, making sure that you have at least 3 days of good weather to work on changing the liner. Set your pool vacuum to waste, and this should start draining your above ground pool.

Step two: removing the old liner While draining the above ground pool, remove all the top caps from the columns all around the above ground pool exposing the screws. DO NOT LOSE THE SCREWS!! The top rail is the piece on the wall of your above ground pool that holds the liner in place. Don’t take off the top rails until the water is drained out to the very last inch. Once you take out the top rails, the old liner can be taken out.

Make sure you remove your above ground pool liner only after the pool has been completely drained of the water. Take the old liner for your above ground pool out in small pieces. Now comes the important part. Check that the walls and floor of your above ground pool are intact and there is nothing on them that can potentially damage the new liner. Sweep the entire pool area clear of debris, rocks mad sharp objects.

Step 3: prepare the new above ground pool liner Spread out your new above ground pool liner in the sun. This will warm up the vinyl and make it easier to work with. Refer to your manufacturer’s guide on instructions on how to prepare your above ground pool liner.

Step 4: installation of the new above ground pool liner Once the new above ground pool liner is prepared, you are ready to install it. Make sure that the liner seams meet where the wall and floor of the above ground pool meets.

Pull the liner evenly over the walls of the above ground pool until a small area in the center is still touching the floor. Attach the top caps of the wall to give the liner some support while you smooth out the liner over the above ground pool. Start filling water slowly into the above ground pool. As the water fills remove portions of the top caps to release more of the liner evenly throughout the above ground pool walls.

It is important to remember, that above ground pool liners aren’t made to hold the weight of the water. Make sure that the liner is on solid ground at all times or the liner will burst and tear. If properly installed, there should be no air space between the ground and the liner, and no downward pressure on the liner.

Since there is extra material to compensate for any shortages in the liner, wrinkles cannot be avoided. Smooth the wrinkles out towards the walls of the above ground pool. Do not stretch the material as you may rip it. Once water starts to fill, check that the liner is level. If it is not, then adjust on the walls accordingly.

Step 5: ENJOY YOUR ABOVE GROUND POOL It is now time to enjoy your above ground pool! But before doing so, make sure you are aware of all the safety instructions and warnings.

  • Updated July 2, 2020
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